Bay View Bark Website


The challenge was to maintain the large amount of information from the old Bay View Bark website, but achieving a better organization and reflecting the new graphic identity that we created for the brand. While it also had to be easy to use and provide a fun experience for users.



The fun and interactive nature of the project, as well as the type of business, allowed us to let our imaginations run wild and base our ideas on the joy of a puppy.


The main objective was to use colorful and fun brand elements, but applied to the website in such a way that the website also looked professional and reflected the personality of a successful company like BVB.
For this, we had the idea of ​​using a mixture of elements such as illustrations, textures and real photographs, but always leaving white and clean backgrounds so that the web was attractive and easy to understand.


To materialize the main objective, we implemented our initial idea and used images with clipping masks and hover animations, as well as a layout of text and images organized in columns and expandable text elements, to improve the user experience. The result was very satisfactory for our client, the public and our team.