Call to Action: What is it and how to use it?

Call to Action: What is it and how to use it?

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Call to Action: What is it and how to use it in Digital Marketing Strategies?

We have all been attracted by a catchy phrase, a Call to Action (CTA), and we have ended up buying a product, acquiring a service or registering for an event.

CTAs are essential for any Digital Marketing strategy, as they represent the perfect complement to the efforts made in social networks, website and SEO/SEM.

In this BMT Agency blog post we will tell you in a little more detail what a Call to Action is, how it works and how you can integrate it into the Digital Marketing strategy of your business.

What is a Call to Action or CTA?

We can simply define a Call to Action or CTA, as the text or phrase that invites users to perform a specific action. This action will depend on the objective that the business has defined within its Digital Marketing strategy.

It is usually an attractive phrase placed inside a button on a digital resource, and with a typography that attracts the user’s attention. This button will be linked to the web page where the action will be completed.

A CTA can be present in a social media post, a video, a blog post on a website, a landing page, an email, a form, a banner, a phrase in a larger text or any other digital resource used. In addition, it can be found in a header, in the middle or at the end of it.

What is a Call to Action for?

The function that has been chosen for the CTA may vary, depending on the objectives pursued in the Digital Marketing strategy that implements them, but we can list the most traditional uses.

  • Increase sales

The most used objective for a CTA in most Digital Marketing strategies is to increase the sales of products or services of a business. Therefore, the text or button that invites the public to click and complete a purchase process is placed.

This type of CTA is commonly expressed with a “Buy Now”, “Book Now” or any other similar phrase. You can redirect to a shopping landing page or add products to a cart.

  • Lead generation

Another common objective of CTAs in Digital Marketing is to obtain data or information from potential customers when looking for a very specific audience.

To do this, subscriptions to a newsletter, registration for an event, course or workshop, downloading an ebook or other digital file, or simply filling out a form that requests the data that is specifically needed are used.

  • Strengthen Digital Marketing strategies

This last objective that we list diversifies into others, since it can range from inviting the public to share content to generate greater brand recognition, reading a more extensive article on a website, following the business on its social networks or watching a video.

These types of actions are more directed by the generation of engagement between the public and users, which will be reflected in the Click Through Rate (CTR), that is, the number of clicks made on said CTAs.

Tips for an effective Call to Action

  • Take care of spelling and grammar, make the message understandable.
  • Make it clear what action you want to take, do not use technical language or complicated words.
  • Use the copywriting to persuade the user, and the CTA to take them to action.
  • Create a CTA for each segment of your audience, remember that not all of us communicate in the same way.
  • Make sure the position is correct, use a Heatmap to know what the focus of your users’ attention is.
  • Do not neglect the design, it must be practical, eye-catching and in harmony with the general design.
  • Check that your CTA looks good on all mobile devices.
  • Test to find the best CTA for your audience.

You must define the type of CTA and its goal, based on the objective or objectives of your Digital Marketing strategy, as well as adapting them to the type of user of your business, so that they are useful and become a great tool.

BMT wants to help you develop effective CTAs for your Digital Marketing strategy!

At BMT Agency we have certified professionals in various areas of Digital Marketing who seek to help you develop and execute the correct strategies to achieve the objectives you have set for your business, in an environment as changing as it is necessary for today’s companies. Contact us and a group of experts will become your best ally in the digital world.

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