Hmong Wisconsin Chamber Of Commerce Website


The website of the HMONG Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce had to include a large amount of information not only about the Institution but also about everything related to its Financing Programs, Events, Resources, etc.
All this information had to be organized and cataloged in different sections and pages, but without losing the UX/UI approach as the main objective.



Eastern culture and its iconography was a great source of inspiration to apply to website assets such as banners, headers, icons, and backgrounds.


To achieve a visual balance that would show text and images coexisting harmoniously, we were inspired by the composition principles of editorial design, just as it would be done in a printed magazine or book, but without neglecting the importance of the usability of a website.


For pages with more text and images, we use a 2-column layout. While for sections with less content, we use interactive cards or text boxes with animations and horizontal and vertical scrolling effects to give more dynamism to the site, especially the home page.