How much does it cost to build a website for your business?

How much does it cost to build a website for your business?

It’s quite not a simple answer. Even though there are some established website fees, the truth is that if you need to build a website to respond to your specific needs and the ones of your customers, the cost will depend on that. Because it’s not the same to buy a regular-sized suit at any men’s apparel store as to buy a tailored one perfectly fit for your body (in this case a tailored website for your business). 

But don’t worry. It’s not that the answer for you does not exist. At BMT Agency you WILL get a budget on your website. We just need to take time with you to learn more about the business or brand’s requirements, analyze important factors, and assess you so that you get the best website for your business. 

What to consider when building the price for your website?

Domain availability 

When we have our first chat with our clients to build the right budget for them, some basic matters should be considered. For starters, you need to have a domain to construct a website. If you don’t, there’s no problem. We will help you on the scouting for domain availability and give you some options on domain cost, budgets, or variations to fit your needs. 


The second basic parameter every website needs is hosting, the place on a web server for websites to store their files. It sounds wordy, but let us solve it for you. At BMT Agency we provide optimal hosting options for our clients’ websites. 


You have probably heard about SSL certificates or spotted a page that showed a warning sign letting you know the website you were about to enter was not safe. Is your trust still there? Do you enter the website without hesitation? Probably not. This is what an SSL certificate is for. It lets you construct trust for your customers with a secure website. 

Examples of tailored features for your website

For most businesses who sell products nowadays, the best way to go is with an e-commerce website and take advantage of a trend growing since 2020. Sell your products online to customers that are searching for them. Forget about extra fees charged from other online sales platforms and get the earnings directly with an e-commerce website. 

Do you have time to answer 24/7? Small businesses can’t afford the price or time of having a person answering every query on their website instantly. Leave this to a specialized chatbot, a less expensive service than a real human provider, and a simple way to be always available for your customers. 

Show reviews on your website. It’s true, we regularly trust other people rather than misleading advertising. What reviews let you do is to show other customers real people’s opinions on your brand and products. Feature them at your website with the right reviews hub; increase your trust and sales. 

Nowadays advertising recommends building trust, engagement, and attracting customers with valuable content, rather than pushing ads to them. To increase organic (not paid) traffic, you will need to have a strong SEO strategy behind your website. Our BMT Agency Experts offer you both: technical SEO for your website’s construction and on-page content strategies such as inbound blogging as a great way to increase your brand awareness and sales. 

Get a tailored small business or corporate website

At BMT Agency we assess every client to get the right website for their brand. If you are a small business that is looking to have an online presence, we are here to guide you and work for you with specialized web designers and marketing experts. If you need a more robust corporate website, our web designers, content creators, and web developers are qualified to get the job done from start to finish. 

Leave your website, one of your brand’s top assets, to experts in the field. Learn more about how BMT Agency can help you grow your business with a tailored website for your brand.

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