How to build an online presence for your business

How to build an online presence for your business

How to build an online presence for your business - BMT Agency

A digital or online presence, in simple terms, is the way your business appears on the web and/or social platforms. Whether someone searches for your brand and gets a link to your website in the search results, or they find your business on Facebook, Instagram, media platforms, or other websites, everything online regarding your business is part of your digital presence. But, how to build an online presence for your business?

The main point here is answering these 2 questions: 

  1. Is your business online?
  2. Is your digital presence right for your business?

The online presence checklist 

Depending on your business, there are a variety of platforms and products you should take into consideration when building your online presence. Even though not every platform or product is for every business, there is one you should always have: a website. Without it, you are out of the competition. After having a user-friendly website focused on user experience (easy to navigate, to the point, SEO optimized, etc), you can think about the next steps. 

Choose wisely on which social media platforms and/or directories you should be in. Think always about your target audience’s interests, digital activities, and behaviors. Here are some of the most important platforms or products you should take into account when building your digital presence: 

  1. Website 
  2. Social media
    1. Facebook
    2. Instagram
    3. Linkedin
    4. Twitter
    5. TikTok
  3. Online directories for reviews: Yelp, Tripadvisor
  4. Google products: 
    1. Google My Business 
    2. Google Maps
  5. Collaborations on other websites, blogs, or media blogs

Why is it important to build a digital presence?

  1. Be the one to construct your brand image

It’s simple. When you are the one who builds your brand’s digital presence, you are the one who tells your own story. Be a part of the process, tell your story to your audience, let them know what your services or products are about, what are your core values, what makes your business unique and why should they buy from you. Don’t let others entirely construct your image from what they think is good or bad about you. Build awareness, guest post in other blogs or websites, share valuable content, and start networking to establish your authority in your business area. 

  1. Take advantage of the new platforms for visibility and advertising

Back in the day, TV, newspapers, magazines, and radio ads were practically the only ways to promote businesses. They were expensive and not as segmented as you would have liked them to be. Even though they could get to lots of people, your brand always risked being pushed to the wrong audiences. 

Now, in the digital age, there are lots of platforms and channels where you can show your business and advertise your products to the right audiences. Choose to whom, where, when, and how your ads are shown. Use your budget effectively and get your ads to the people that will buy your products or select your services. 

  1. Make it easy for your clients 

A website, social media, Google Maps, Google My Business, or online directories are great ways to be connected to your clients 24/7. Whether a person wants to know where you are located or call for a quote, whether they want to check your opening hours or learn more about your business, these platforms are a great and easy way to answer all their questions instantly. Avoid losing customers to others by resisting to evolve. 

Taking action could also mean that your team will need to grow, so Recruiting Agencies can help you find staff to handle tasks like customer service and support.

You want to start, but you don’t know how?

First, congratulations on taking the first step. Second, we’ve got you covered. At BMT Agency we have worked with diverse brands, from small businesses to established companies who decided to move on and be part of the digital world to grow. Let us guide you and construct together with your digital presence. 


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