How to Make your Website Faster?

How to Make your Website Faster?

Website Load Optimization, Page Speed & SEO

How to Make your Website Faster? 

Improving the user experience has become the main objective of search engines like Google. For this, special attention is paid to the loading speed of websites, being one more factor in organic search engine optimization or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a fundamental part of Digital Marketing for any company.

The main question about this topic is how the Page Speed or loading speed of your website affects and influences its positioning and in this BMT Agency blog post we will help you better understand this topic.

What is Page Speed or Web Load Speed?

Page Speed or web speed is the concept that refers to the time it takes for a web page to appear on the screen. This time is calculated from the moment a user clicks until the page is fully loaded.

How does Loading Time Influence SEO Positioning?

The loading time or Page Speed considerably influences the SEO positioning of a web page. Web search engines like Google take this into account when it comes to ranking the results offered to users.

Although the positioning strategy is good, if the loading speed is not working, the web page will never position well. And it is that few are the users who do not abandon the pages when they take a long time to load.

Nowadays, a page is considered slow if the web load time is 2 seconds or more and, therefore, it will be difficult for it to reach the top positions.

Tips to Improve the Loading Speed of a Website

Next, we give you some tips that you should follow to improve the loading speed of a website and that this does not negatively affect the positioning of your website in search engines.

  • Choose a lightweight and optimized template

All templates are made up of different files such as PHP code, CSS style sheets and JavaScript functions, among many other elements capable of making a website much slower, especially if it is not optimized.

Look for a responsive option that adapts to different devices such as tablets and mobile phones. This optimizes the code and resources to the maximum to improve the performance of the website.

  • Optimize images

Images are very important in the loading time of any web page. These become a big problem if they are uploaded to the website without optimization, which makes the page become a slow loading website.

How to optimize images? There are several tools that help reduce the weight of images completely free of charge, although they can also be optimized by a Graphic Designer from your team in a useful format for digital media.

  • Use quality hosting

Although your website is very well optimized, if you do not have quality hosting it will not help you at all. The hosting must be good and up to par in terms of stability and also in terms of response time.

  • Keep your code as optimized as possible

Keeping the code optimized is key to reducing the loading speed of any web page. Remember that the excess of code negatively affects the speed and that by adding non-optimized elements to the website, harmful code layers are generated.

The excess of code affects the loading speed of your website. So remember that it is best to avoid code saturation to maintain the proper loading speed.

  • Minify CSS and optimize cache

It is recommended to minimize the CSS (Style Sheets) so that the server reads less information to display the page faster to the user. On the other hand, you also have to make the most of caching in the browser as it will allow users not to have to load your entire website every time they enter.

  • Use the necessary plugins

Using only the necessary plugins is another tip that you should not overlook. This is because a website is much slower when it uses more plugins, and much slower if these plugins are not optimal.

There are some plugins that can help you know which ones you should remove, and even plugins that will help you improve the loading speed directly.

A website with good loading speed will help you to give your website a better positioning. If you are looking for help on this topic, you can find experts to help you optimize your site or even create one according to your tastes and needs.

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