In-house Marketing or Marketing Agency: Which is better?

In-house Marketing or Marketing Agency: Which is better?

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Digital marketing is the application of marketing strategies carried out in channels such as social networks, web pages, search engines and more. Many companies have an internal department that handles these messages to get closer to their customers, while many others decide to hire external services, especially agencies.

So what is better for your business, having a internal digital marketing department or having external specialist allies? In this BMT Agency blog post we will give you an answer.

Differences between  In-house Marketing or Marketing Agency (Outsource)

The decision about what type of service is best for your business is not easy, since each option has benefits and disadvantages that will make a difference in the results. Before choosing one of them, you should always consider your budget and the needs of your company.

To help you learn more about each service, we list the main characteristics:

  • In-house Marketing

This modality is the traditional one, in which the company decides to hire permanent personnel who are in charge of generating marketing strategies for the brand.

POSITIVE: It is a team totally dedicated to your company. You can count on this team at the moment and they will be managing new ideas to achieve new goals. In addition, you choose the professionals who will take care of each aspect.

NEUTRAL: It is difficult to scale suddenly, as it involves hiring and training more people to generate the content you require.

NEGATIVE: Your results are limited by a limited team. Any time you have an idea that is out of their scope. On the other hand, creative and analytical profiles have something in common: a constant search for challenges, variety and experimentation. Therefore, you could face high staff turnover, running the risk of unfinished projects and an endless training cycle. In addition, there is a tendency to “do everything” in the world of Marketing, which is not exactly positive. There is a shortage of specialized talent that can provide deep solutions to problems specific to your brand.

You could also consider that when you require an unusual marketing project such as image changes or web design, it should be subcontracted to different providers, implying a greater expense in your budget.

  • Digital Marketing Agency

If what you are looking for is a team of experts specialized in the trends, good practices and methodologies of Digital Marketing, an agency will be your best ally. It brings together talents such as marketers, designers, communicators, programmers and digital strategists who will be in charge of generating results and analyzing your company from an external perspective.

POSITIVE: They have the perfect combination of creativity and analytics. This means that your brand will not only look great, but all efforts will be results-oriented. Their work with different brands allows them to quickly contribute ideas, always using the best tools at their disposal. In addition, if necessary, efforts can be increased thanks to the fact that they have a complete team. Within the marketing industry there are strong ties between multiple lines of business (for example photo or video studios) that can help you solve any project you have in mind.

NEUTRAL: Sometimes, due to the workload of the agency, you will have to wait to receive your applications. But if the agency with which you are related manages an orderly agenda, it will surely be resolved quickly.

NEGATIVE: It could be out of your budget. Entrusting the entire marketing process to an agency can be expensive, due to the cost-benefit of having experts managing your brand.

What should you look for in a Marketing Agency?

Now that you know the differences between In-house Marketing and a Marketing Agency, you are surely considering going down the path of the experts. We recommend you take into account the following when looking for a digital marketing agency for your brand:

  • Ability and interest to research your industry: Trust will make the difference between a successful relationship with your agency. There are usually introductory and research processes to learn about your business, your needs and your potential customers. If you notice that your agency does not show interest in it, it is not a good option.
  • Know their work: Thanks to the internet, you can take a look at the portfolio of the agency you intend to approach. Some of them maintain a gallery of projects on their site or constantly update their social networks with valuable content.
  • Certifications: Look for your team of professionals to have certifications in different areas and granted by educational centers or recognized companies. If they have key certificates such as Meta Agency Partner and Google Partner, they should give you the peace of mind you are looking for, since the team has been trained and knows the most important aspects of the platforms.
  • Multidisciplinary team: Experience is very important to achieve good results, because when making an investment, you seek to entrust your brand to experts. Ask what kind of specialists there are and how each of them can help you.
  • Important indicators: Your trusted agency should provide you with clear results month after month of what is being worked on. But they should not only show numbers, they should explain each indicator to you in a timely manner to know that the strategy is working.

The agency you hire should also propose solutions to indicators that are not giving results, but remember: marketing is an art that takes time, so you should not despair in the learning curve.

Like any election process, it is important that your decision is based on real objectives. This will be the key to maintaining a transparent and successful relationship for many years. Finding the outsource Digital Marketing that fits your needs can be an arduous process, since you must evaluate each agency taking into account your objectives and resources.

Meet BMT Agency!

The choice depends entirely on each company and its needs. If you have had a constant discussion with your collaborators regarding this decision, we recommend knowing the differences between In-house Marketing and working with a marketing Agency.
At BMT Agency we are delighted to be a Google Partner and an experienced Marketing Agency that help you develop and execute digital marketing strategies to achieve the goals you have set for your business in an environment that is as changing as it is necessary for today’s companies. Contact us and a group of experts will become your best ally in the digital world.

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