Naming: How to choose a creative name for your business

Naming: How to choose a creative name for your business

For any business, a striking name will always be a way to hook the public from the first impression. Therefore, it becomes one of the first challenges to face.

What to call this new project and make it stand out from the competition? What criteria do the big brands follow when selecting names for their brands, products and other projects? In this BMT Agency blog post we will help you clear up these and other doubts with the most relevant details of Naming: what it is, the types that exist and what its process is.

What is Naming?

Naming is one of the most important steps for a company. It is the naming of the brand, it is the moment in which it is given meaning, selecting a name that gives a good first impression to the target audience. In other words, more simply: it is the choice of the name of a brand or company, which is in accordance with its philosophy and policy.

This process is part of branding and is extremely important, so the name must be selected carefully.

Naming Types

Just as businesses have different aspects and objectives, the Naming process also presents some variants to help you find the name that best identifies your brand.

Among some of the most common you can find:

  • Abstract: They are the names that are not associated with anything outside the company. These names are often used because they are short and easy to pronounce, as well as being able to stay in the public’s mind quickly and for a long time.
  • Descriptive: A descriptive name gives the audience a hint about the activities performed by the company.  This type of name works great for the food industry. Examples: Burger King, Domino’s Pizza, Wingstop.
  • Name of the founder: This is another option that is always put on the table. Sectors where the name of the company’s founder is widely used are fashion and even the automotive industry.
  • Experiential: These are the names that seek to create an expectation. These speak of the experience or the results that the public can experience when purchasing a product or service.
  • Suggestive: These names seek to connect their meaning with the company’s brand. To develop them, it is necessary to have a broad knowledge of the company, its products, its corporate culture, its philosophy and even the history of the commercial branch in which it is located.

How to carry out a naming process?

The Naming process can be a long and dedicated job. With the intention of facilitating it, we share some criteria that you must take into account:

  1. Patience: Naming is a creative process that takes time, don’t get discouraged and keep in mind that inspiration sometimes takes longer to arrive. Take a few hours a day and meet with your team, as it is better to develop it with the vision of the different stakeholders.
  1. Brand history: You must be clear about the development of your business, the attributes of the products or services you sell and look for names that represent them. You can find the key to your brand’s name in one of the turning points in its history.
  1. Study of the competition: Analyze your competitors, study each case and find out why some names work better than others. Keeping an eye on the competition will not only give you ideas, it will also help you improve your weaknesses and increase your strengths.
  1. Brainstorming: No idea is bad, so it is best to capture as many as possible. During the brainstorming process, it is important not to rule out any of them and present them to your team, because even if they are not valid, they can serve as inspiration and give rise to more successful ones.
  1. Select ideas: From the entire list of ideas, select those that best suit the company and discard those that are not consistent or that do not meet the rest of the requirements of a good name.
  1. Domain Availability: From your filtered ideas, it’s time to find out which ones are available. Stay with those that are not registered.
  1. Logo: The name and logo of a brand always go hand in hand. When you have a final list of the best names available, think about which one goes best with the logo that you have in mind, or create it from the option that is your favorite.

BMT Agency has creativity and innovation in every process!

At BMT Agency we are delighted to help you develop and execute the Naming process and other digital marketing strategies to achieve the goals you have set for your business in an environment that is as changing as it is necessary for today’s companies. Contact us and a group of experts will become your best ally in the digital world.

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