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What is it?

It is the application of neuroscience and neurotechnology to marketing with the aim of knowing the purchasing preferences of customers and users. This ensures that you can sell more and achieve your brand goals.

80% of the sale is emotional

and unconscious, for this we need research techniques

20% of the sale is rational

and conscious.

You need to know this

To sell more

Why do you need Neuromarketing?

  1. Optimize your business strategy in an assertive and measurable way.
  2. Apply irrefutable science to your communications investment and optimizes your strategy.
  3. Evaluate ROI and ROAS of your marketing activities.
  4. Understand better your target audience and design actions and tailored products.
  5. Provoque consumer effects and remembrance throughout the senses, this puts you in competitive advance in your industry.
Asset 2

We make the strategy,
you will sell more!


Relevant marketing variables

Asset 15


I like-I don't like, state from calm to excitement, the first reaction that is generated, emotional valence.

Asset 14


Association level of concepts and attributes

Asset 16


Emotional engagement, memorization, attention level.

Asset 13


visual attention, location.

We use science to know better.

We get results because we know more.

Which gadgets do we use?

Asset 17

Eye tracking and pupillometry devices

Asset 18


Asset 19

Bio sensors

Asset 20

Localization sensors

Are you ready to make the next step?