The Importance of Backlinks in SEO

The Importance of Backlinks in SEO

For any SEO positioning strategy, Backlinks represent an essential element, since they help to highlight a website through their use.

To achieve this, two things are needed, getting Backlinks and controlling them. And that’s what we’ll talk about in this BMT Agency blog post.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the links that redirect from a website to a certain page. All Backlinks have a great impact on the positioning of a site or web page and are considered great resources to improve the ranking of a page in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

Backlinks can be found anywhere on another website, including comments, because their main function is to enrich the information offered through a site or page.

To make it clear with an example, we can suppose that a member of a medical group writes an entry about minimally invasive surgical procedures, and another blog about news in the world of medicine links this entry to his most current one.

For users this represents valid, representative, and functional information, while for search engines it is relevant content that other users should see, improving their positioning and raising their rating in the SERPs.

Backlinks: Quantity and Quality

Search engines do not only value backlinks, but also take into account the quality and quantity of the content to improve the information and trust that is shown towards the site. This will determine the domain authority, although it is not a factor to improve the positioning, it is true that sites with good domain authority appear in better places in the SERPs.

You must remember that the quality and responsiveness of your website are very important to position, so before obtaining Backlinks you must give priority to your site and its optimization.

As is common, quality outweighs quantity when scoring backlinks. That is why it is vital that these are good, even if they are not numerous. The quality of the Backlinks is determined by the good reputation of the site they come from, as well as that their theme is similar. That is to say, that it has relevance in the branch in which the business to which the site belongs is developed.

You should also know that there are two types of Backlinks: do follow and no follow. The former are the ones that are most relevant for the SEO of a site, as they transmit authority to the page that receives them. The seconds are not so important, but they also have value as a source of traffic.

Tips to get quality links

  • Consult the domain authority of a site through different platforms or free and paid tools.
  • That the Backlinks are natural. Normally informative content is more likely to be accepted as a good link, because what is valuable for search engines is not the links, but the information they offer to users.
  • Better than being linked by 10 different reputable sites, than being linked 10 times by the same site, regardless of its reputation.
  • That the Backlinks are mostly do follow.

As you can see, Backlinks represent a powerful tool in your SEO strategy, so you should seek to generate trust and quality relationships with other businesses that have relevant sites, with domain and that enrich your content.

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Byron Angeles
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