The Importance of Graphic Design in Digital Marketing

The Importance of Graphic Design in Digital Marketing


Digital marketing could not survive without design, as it is necessary to make your brand as attractive as possible to your users and potential consumers. People don’t fall in love with a product, they fall in love with what the brand stands for. That is why you should always take on account the importance of Graphic Design in Digital Marketing.

It is clear that the visual elements influence the purchase decision. That is why design is present in practically everything around us. Therefore, digital marketing was not going to be less because it is the way to highlight your website, your social networks, your banners, your Social Media Ads campaigns, your landing pages, your emailings, your blog posts. If you want to know more, do not miss this article.

How does Graphic Design benefit Digital Marketing?

Talking about digital marketing and not mentioning the creative strategy makes no sense. Design and advertising have always gone hand in hand and in the digital age we live in, it couldn’t be less. Below we will break down the main reasons for this synergy.

Say more with less: get the right graphic design for your business

The messages we want to convey can be synthesized in an image that is as expressive and representative as possible.We have only 6 seconds to capture the consumer’s attention. This is where a good, professional and quality graphic design sets us apart. In fact, 90% of users quickly abandon a website that has poor graphic design. Choose an agency that knows how to deliver the right graphic design for your business.

The reason for this is that visual content is processed faster than text and, before your audience starts reading the content, their first opinion will already be influenced by the design, so it is very important to make them fall in love visually and grab their attention. Make sure that the people in charge of designing or renovating your business website know and master the requirements for a functional site with these 10 questions.

Greater impact and visibility is achieved

In digital marketing, conversions are not only sought, sometimes you also need to generate impact, gain visibility, be seen, be recognized, be shared and be taken into account. In short, create brand awareness.

It is proven that social media posts that have images generate higher engagement, than those that only have text. In addition, they get more participation and are shared more. It is also easy to see how the reach of a display ad is much greater than that of a text-only ad. Therefore, graphic design in digital marketing seems essential.

Visual coherence is gained in the face of diversity of content

One of the keys to graphic design is to provide visual coherence to the diversity of a brand’s content. Sometimes, adapting the entire corporate image and identity to the digital environment and keeping your brand working is not easy. The ideal is to create a digital marketing strategy that takes into account the characteristics of each platform. And this is achieved with a good design that allows consumers to know who you are, what you do, what you have to offer and, in addition, communicates your brand values in a coherent and recognizable way.

A well-constructed brand will be memorable and unmistakable. If the typography, corporate colors and the content you use in your profiles are consistent with each other, you will be helping to reinforce branding and you will be able to increase empathy with users.

Visual coherence is gained in the face of diversity of content

Sometimes, despite the goodness of your content, you have very little engagement with the public. The answer may be simple: they just aren’t very visually appealing. And this is where graphic design can make your brand content stand out, excite and share.

Creativity is a key component in all your advertising communications and digital marketing is no different. Without visual content, the message we want to convey cannot have the same impact, so you must take it into account in your content marketing strategy. That is the most effective way to relate to your consumers.

You differentiate yourself from the competition

There are products that just by looking at them attract all our attention and trigger the desire to buy them. This is because there are hours of research behind it regarding color, size, typography, depth, composition and other attributes.

Design is necessary for your brand to establish a differential value in the minds of your consumers. With a solid and memorable image, plus a greater visual appeal of the informative or advertising pieces, you will make your projects more attractive and interesting for your consumers and also make them remember you more.

Simplify: Less is more

Simple but clear designs. The more direct we are and the better we show the important information, the better.

In design, simplicity makes it easier to understand the message, so it is important that your content has fonts, images and fair colors. You should also use short text and simple backgrounds.

Create calls to action that convert

If the goal of a CTA is to attract the user’s attention and persuade them to take an action, such as clicking on a link, leaving a comment, subscribing or interacting in some way, the size and color must be very well chosen.

The ideal is to always opt for colors that stand out within the space where the CTA’s are located and even add an interactive effect that highlights that you can “do something” on that button/banner.

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