The importance of UX in SEO positioning

The importance of UX in SEO positioning

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We know well that the user experience (UX) is one of the elements that today help to position a website.

But it needs other vital elements to achieve it, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), since they complement each other to achieve the positioning of a page or web content, in addition to providing the best possible usability for users.

In this BMT Agency blog post, we will talk more about the importance of UX in SEO positioning.

The relationship between SEO and UX

Separately, SEO and UX each work to give a website the necessary functionality for users to find the information they are looking for and for search engines like Google to position it in the results of the searches carried out.

But when the benefits of SEO and UX are unified, we can boost them even more. The main objective of the union of these two tools is to optimize the user experience when searching on Google, but it is important to point out that it is only useful for searches carried out on Google and not on other platforms or search engines, unlike SEO.

How do UX and SEO work together?

All the content you create must be designed and directed for users and not for search robots. This is because Google has managed to refine search results to the point of offering users what they are really looking for and like.

This represents a before and after in SEO, since keywords and links are relegated to the background, with user experience being the main element to be taken into account. Simply put, Google needs the website and information to be useful to searchers. In addition to having a well-organized text hierarchically, enriched with keywords, or link building strategies, now the tastes and needs of users also set the priorities.

With the above, we can affirm that UX has become one of the most important SEO positioning factors, therefore, both SEO specialists and the web design department must be very well understood.

Advantages of optimizing UX for SEO

Optimizing the UX has multiple advantages for SEO positioning. Among the main ones and what you should seek to achieve, we can list:

  • Promotes online optimization of online platforms for any device.
  • It analyzes the user experience to offer a wealth of information and data that can be used to understand consumer needs.
  • It helps to better understand the sector and be able to anticipate the needs of consumers, a discipline known as predictive marketing.
  • It focuses on user satisfaction.
  • It promotes the training of the company’s workers to be oriented towards improving the user experience.

The digital world continues to evolve, but it is clear that trends will continue to focus on users and their needs, tastes or interests. Therefore, you should seek that the SEO and UX of your website have that objective.

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