The power of Interlinking in SEO

The power of Interlinking in SEO

The power of interlinking in SEO

When we talk about Linkbuilding, links become the protagonists of the SEO strategy, especially Backlinks. But we should also pay attention to internal links, the so-called Interlinking strategy. 

We must not underestimate the usefulness of these links, as we must remember that they can be directly controlled and become decisive for search engine positioning.

Here we tell you more about internal links and how they help positioning

What is Interlinking?

Interlinking or internal links are those links that you control directly within your own domain, leading from one page to another, from category to subcategory, and/or from product to product.

How does Interlinking help SEO?

Some of the main benefits that a correct Interlinking brings to the SEO positioning of your website are the following:

  • They facilitate indexing – Internal links help search engines to go through all the pages of your site in a faster way, facilitating indexing.
  • They allow you to distribute the “link juice” – IF your site has better positioned pages linked by authority domains, through internal links you can distribute that force to other pages that you want to position.
  • Improve user navigation – In addition to having value for the SEO of your site, internal links act as a guide for users of your website, directing them to strategic pages. Therefore, they will allow you to keep a visitor longer and guide them to take another action.

How to optimize Interlinking?

Links are the basis of the entire internet, as it is the way search engines and their bots move through websites. When we have a correct use of interlinking, they can analyze our entire site, making the bots able to move faster.

Reducing the work for search engines helps improve our positioning, so it is worth managing interlinking. For that, you can take into account these aspects:

  • Avoid internal error links – Links with 404 errors are great enemies of SEO, so they should be avoided. When your website has a few pages it is easy to keep them under control, but as your site grows, you will have to pay special attention.
  • Create an internal linking strategy – You can’t link pages internally just because. You must create a strategy linking different anchor texts to strategic content for your business, pages that will attract more users and convert them to customers, thus increasing your income. You can also create internal links between similar content, with anchor texts that in turn can be keywords with searches.

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Byron Angeles
Digital Marketing Specialist SEO Certified by Hubspot Academy


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