Viking Communications Branding


Viking Communications is a company dedicated to two-way radio communication services, which represents a technological and modern field. Our objective was to reflect that statement on a professional, enduring branding concept.

The client wanted to convey a friendly and professional image that felt contemporary but related to the Viking age at the same time.

The main challenge was to represent all this in a logo, using as inspiration an element related to the Vikings, such as a ship, an ax, or a shield as the client was looking for it. He did not want something related to the services unless it was an abstract idea.

branding concept for a radio company
notebook with logo concept


With all of the above taken into account, we decided to design a logo that showed the figure of a Viking ship, while the abstract form represents an antenna launching signal waves of two-way radio communication. 

For the branding, we focused entirely on showing the use of two-way radios as the main form of communication in different business environments such as healthcare, education, transportation, manufacturing, landscaping, and construction.


We delivered a complete concept that represented what the client had in mind and the core of his business, and also elements that would help new customers know what Viking Communications was about. 

branded truck