Viking Communications Website


Viking Communications needed to update their website to highlight the professional and contemporary image that the brand was constructing throughout their new branding.

The website, in addition to providing information about the business, would communicate and differentiate the services they offered, but also the markets and departments they targeted (vertical markets).

The main challenge was to align the UX/UI proposal with the concept of the brand’s launch (re-branding) so that they were consistent with the global communication strategy.

Laptop mockup
website screen



To overcome this challenge, we took inspiration from real and organic visual material that represents the Viking Communications’ environment, as well as their main motivation: to cover two-way communications needs.


The idea to distribute the information correctly within the new website was to divide it into sub-pages of departments and markets, which would focus on the many and varied sectors that make up their target audience. We would always have the SEO strategy of the website as the main axis to position the keywords of the business regarding two-way radio communications so that anyone searching for these terms would find them.


All of the above led us to correctly analyze the graphic elements of re-branding, business information, and distribution to use them in favor of the website. Aligned with these, we followed and achieved logical and aesthetic divisions and information architecture at the same time, focusing on UX. Having a structure based on SEO performance, using the blog as a tool for the organic positioning of the brand and the website, helped us increase our client’s leads and awareness throughout all channels.

website on different devices