Website traffic growth of telecommunication website

Website traffic growth of telecommunication website




Viking Communications

Key Stats

  • 100x more traffic to the web site than in 2020
  • 141x more backlinks than in 2020
  • 57x more referring domains than in 2020
  • 3000x more impressions than in 2020
  • 50% Qualified Lead Ratio

How we Did it

  • Search Console Indexing
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Promoting blog posts on multiple channels
  • Brand awareness marketing campaigns on Google Ads
  • Keyword Search campaigns on Google Ads

Our client Viking Communications had an online presence with an outdated website. So the first step in the process of achieving the main goal for the account started by revamping the website. Where we successfully created a new showcase of services, markets, and relevant information that would lead to trust with the website’s visitors. If you feel curious about how the website looks it is available in the link below:

Through keyword research, our team was able to identify the keyword list we should follow to increase the interest of qualified leads with a positive impact on the Viking Communications website.

After identifying the keyword they wanted to rank for, our team scoped out the competition— We realized that there was no serious approach from other companies to promote their businesses via SEO and SEM. Understanding the scenario we were able to make an SEO strategy that could lead to more traffic (which would result in more leads).

So after putting together some technical SEO over the website, we started creating new posts to their blog, the topics were useful and appeared in new search results in the Wisconsin area, and some of them even from other cities inside the US. Which was part of the objectives for our client.

Growth Graphic

It wasn’t enough just to write the best content. BMT agency’s Team had to support the campaign with a segmented Search engine marketing campaign using Google Ads. This action itself allowed us to target specifically whoever was already looking for 2 way radio solutions for big companies. Allowing us to bring traffic to the website that was not only doing commercial intention research but also people who were looking for a provider.

The mix of marketing channels allows us to fill the gap we are in process of filling with the SEO strategy, where while we start building a reputation in the Google network, we are generating traffic to the site.

The result of all that effort on a single post? A sweet increase in homepage traffic: 1000% increase of traffic with a 50% lead prequalification ratio.


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