What are Social Media Ads and How do They Work

What are Social Media Ads and How do They Work

In social networks, the flow of paid content that floods our screens is increasing compared to organic content. At BMT Agency we know this well, so we want to clarify: what are social media ads and how they work.

What are Social Media Ads?

Social Media Ads are advertisements published through the different platforms of social networks. The structure generally consists of a title, a brief description and an image or video that shows the content of the promotion and it is always recommended that they be accompanied by a Call to Action (CTA).

When we carry out our Social Media Marketing Plan and define the strategy, we are going to find ourselves before two types of publications:

  • Organic: Content that is published within the profiles of our business on social networks, which do not imply an investment within the platform to be distributed.
  • Paid: Content distributed on social networks through a paid platform, which requires investment, segmentation and scheduling.

The latter being the Social Media Ads.

Why use Social Media Ads?

As we mentioned, there are both organic traffic and paid traffic strategies. Both strategies are powerful and necessary, since they help and complement each other. However, ads help us:

  • Segment campaigns that target exclusive target audiences.
  • Have greater visibility of the business, brand, strategy and/or content.
  • Control the investment, limiting or expanding the scope.
  • Allow invested budgets to be accessible to all types of businesses; from the smallest to the largest.

One of the main benefits that a Social Media Ads strategy can bring you is the positioning and recognition of your brand or business, which can act in conjunction with any of your business strategies to boost its performance.

How do Social Media Ads work?

The operation of the Social Media Ads will depend on the social network chosen to broadcast the ads. Although, we can encompass some of the common goals in almost all existing platforms. These might be:

  • User reach
  • Follower Growth
  • Increase interactions
  • Purchases and downloads
  • Increase traffic to a website

If one of your main objectives is to redirect the public to your website and increase traffic, you must first have a site that matches your Social Media Ads strategy, with proper SEO performance, a great design that provides the best experience to the user and that adapts to the current needs of the world.

Other points in common that some of the platforms maintain are:

  • Investment – Amount of money you will pay for the dissemination of your ads
  • Programming – You define the dates in which your announcements will be valid
  • Segmentation – You decide to which sectors of the users your ads will be shown

Social Media Ad Platforms for your Business

The platforms and customization, segmentation and objective options are endless to reach your target audience. There is no one platform better than another, but it will depend on the audience you want to reach. The main Social Media Ads platforms are:

  • Facebook Ads – It continues to be one of the most popular social networks, which makes it a channel with a huge audience potential. Its advantages: simple, visual ads and multiple segmentation options to personalize your target audience.
  • Instagram Ads – A very visual social network that has more and more users. Its integration with Facebook makes it easy for you to have the same advantages and reach your users.
  • Twitter Ads – Another of the main options for Social Media Ads, which allows you to design campaigns based on your objectives.
  • YouTube Ads – The best platform to tell stories that hook your users, since it is the most similar format to conventional TV advertising.
  • LinkedIn Ads – It is the ideal channel if your business consists of offering products or services to other companies (B2B).
  • Pinterest Ads – Low cost and with a strong influence on purchase decisions, this platform achieves very good results in the ecommerce environment.
  • TikTok Ads – It is perfect if your brand is aimed at the youngest and you have a good budget for advertising, since its cost is rather high.

With all of the above, you should not be left behind and develop a powerful advertising strategy with the aim of reaching a larger audience. Social Media Ads are an ideal channel for the promotion of products and/or services that offer great profitability at a reduced cost, especially when talking about products whose purchase is more impulsive or require a great segmentation capacity to find your audience. objective, and at BMT Agency we can surely help you.

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