What are UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface)?

What are UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface)?

UX and UI design concept

It is increasingly common to hear or read the terms UX and UI in the digital environment, but what do these two important acronyms mean?

Although they sound similar, they have very clear differences, but to identify them we first have to understand what each one is. In this BMT Agency blog post we will help you distinguish each one and why they go hand in hand.

UX is what a person perceives when interacting with a product or service.

What is UX web design?

UX, which means User Experience, is what a person perceives when interacting with a product or service. We achieve good UX by focusing on designing useful, usable and desirable products, which influences the user to feel satisfied, happy and delighted.

In the case of a website or app, it includes being functional, easy to use and user-friendly, which will end up giving you a pleasant experience, which will motivate you to continue using it.

A good UX web design is achieved through Human Centered Design, which is the approach of knowing the needs of the users and aligning them with the business objectives, also taking into account the technical limitations.

In short, to achieve a great UX, we must put ourselves in the shoes of the customer and determine what they would like to experience when interacting with our product, service, website or app.

UI is the view that allows a user to interact effectively with a system.

What is UI web design?

UI, which stands for User Interface, is the view that allows a user to interact effectively with a system. It is the sum of an information architecture, visual elements and interaction patterns.

UI web design gives the “look & feel” to the product, with the structure and interaction of the interface elements. A good UI allows us to give a good UX, but it is not everything, it is an instrument.

To do this, we must visually create the product interface so that it is consistent with the user experience. Also, add interactive elements that look good on all platforms (mobile, tablet, web).

Now you know what UX and UI design are!

UX is what a brand or product makes you feel when you interact with it, while UI is a visual layer of colors, textures, shapes and elements.

Therefore, UX is not the same as UI. Behind an incredible product or application, there must be previous research work and a correct strategy that translates into an attractive interface. UI is not and will never be a solution on its own, while UX will always need a good interface to provide a positive experience.

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