What is Big Data and how does it work?

What is Big Data and how does it work?

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Big Data has become a key piece for the success of many companies, its good use allows companies to obtain ideas that lead to making better decisions and strategic business movements.

Despite its benefits, many are still unaware of what Big Data and its implementation can represent. In this BMT Agency blog post, we tell you more about this invaluable tool.

What is Big Data?

Big Data is the set of data or data combinations of large volumes that have a speed of growth that makes it difficult to capture and manage through conventional tools or databases.

How many data or data sets are necessary to be considered Big Data? Currently, there is no defined figure; however, most analysts agree that this data should be around 30 or 40 terabytes.

This data can be produced by people when carrying out daily actions such as sending an email, posting a comment on social networks, responding to a WhatsApp, etc. They can also be data generated between machines (machine to machine), biometric data, for example: generated from tools that detect fingerprints, from surveillance services, and even from the data that we generate through transactions such as Internet purchases or transfers of one bank account to another.

However, when we talk about Big Data, we are not only referring to the data but also to the ability to export it to extract valuable information.

What is Big Data for?

The importance of Big Data lies in the fact that the data is useful because, through it, we can extract valuable information and even answer questions that sometimes have not even been asked yet.

With Big Data, companies are able to identify problems in a more understandable way, look for trends very efficiently, and above all, identify new opportunities.

The purpose of all this is to design new products or services based on all the information in hand, which leads companies to make more efficient and less risky movements.

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Big Data in Digital Marketing

All the information we generate has the ability to transform the world of marketing totally. This is possible because knowing the interests, tastes, and behaviors of users helps us to carry out better campaigns and segmentations; It helps us achieve personalized and relevant communication, capable of fostering genuine relationships with the target audience.

Main uses of Big Data in Digital Marketing

The main utilities of Big Data in the world of Digital Marketing are:

  • Carry out personalized marketing strategies
  • Define good segmentations
  • Create more sales opportunities
  • Avoid losing customers
  • Discover new trends in the market
  • Cost prediction
  • Content optimization
  • Collaborate in decision making

In these times, no company can ignore Big Data and what it is for since the implications that this technology has on business are countless. All through the knowledge of the tastes and the behavior that the public has.

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