What is Mobile First and How does it improve SEO

What is Mobile First and How does it improve SEO

How Mobile First Index Improves SEO

The Mobile First Index has meant a before and after for many websites that have lost their online visibility because they are not adapted to mobile devices.

This can be simplified to the fact that if you do not have a mobile-friendly design on your website, you will not rank in search engines.

Therefore, it is necessary for you to know what mobile first is and what practices to carry out on your page to optimize your content for mobile and improve your general SEO positioning.

What is Mobile First Index?

Mobile First Index or Mobile Centered Indexing is the evolution of search engines to index and position the mobile versions of the content of a website through the tracking carried out by their bots.

Today it is a priority that your website is designed, adapted and intended for mobile users.

Importance of Mobile Friendly Design for Websites

The Mobile Friendly Design for websites responds to the evolution of how Internet users navigate today and how they use search engines.

Since mobile searches are now higher than desktop searches, it puts the balance on the side of mobile-first indexing. If a user browses and lands on a website that isn’t optimized for mobile, they get frustrated.

Therefore, the best thing for your business is to have a mobile-optimized website and offer the same content for both users who arrive from desktop and mobile devices to be able to appear in the results of the queries in the search engines.

How to rank with Mobile First Index?

There are some key points to optimize your website for mobile like:

  • Tell search engines if your page is formatted for mobile.
  • Make sure that the resources are accessible so that the robot can track them. If you can’t access page resources like images, CSS or JavaScript then your page may not work well on mobile browsers.
  • Avoid typical mistakes, such as including videos that cannot be played on mobile phones, not optimizing loading times or not having the same content as the desktop version.

It’s time to act! Optimize your website with Mobile FIrst Index

If you want to have a website that makes your business stand out on the internet, it is best to contact an expert SEO positioning agency that is in charge of redesigning your website, making it responsive and visible to search engine bots. BMT Agency is a great option, because we have certified experts in the field who know how to make your website boost its traffic, visibility and conversions. 

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