Think about something you bought 10 years ago. If you thought, for example, about running shoes, they might be all worn out or out of your life. If it is a computer, well you probably have changed it for a new one or made several modifications throughout the years so that it still works. If it is food, unless it is a french aged cheese, it expired a lot of years ago.  

So, why should a website follow different rules? We’re living in a fast changing world, which asks for updated products that go according to new ways of life and technologies. That is why the average website lifespan is just under 3 years.

Your brand evolves as you develop new products or enhance your services and your image to correspond to your client’s needs and desires. Maybe you changed your message or the way it is presented, maybe your logo was aging and you renewed it. Those are basic reasons why your website should always attend to changes. It must reflect what your brand is saying in the rest of the available channels.  

Furthermore, when speaking about website optimization, websites that are constructed and optimized for Google and other search engines, are more likely to be found whenever a user makes a query. Because, even though you have a website, it could not even be indexed on Google, so, unless a person typed it exactly, they might not be able to find it. Is your website hard to use? Is it user friendly or created for user experience? Is it findable? If it is not, you are making it harder for your clients or potential customers to engage with your brand or business. 

Do some websites last longer to be built?

When thinking about web development timelines there is a wide range of possibilities. Depending on your industry, the size of your business or your goals and vision, the website’s size could vary. Don’t leave one of your main assets, your website, to freelancers that do not have the overall panorama and team focused and specialized on every aspect of website construction. Plus, it is important for you to work with a professional  agency that understands your business and your vision when constructing your website. Hint: BMT Agency. 

Now, there is another aspect that matters here. Your website’s lifespan also depends on the maintenance you give to it. It’s not the same if you make changes every three months, than if you do it every three years. Prolong your website’s life by keeping it relevant and actualized. 


Don’t forget about content. You need to keep it fresh and relevant for your audience. Little details are noticed by users and influence the final making of a decision on your brand. Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMrush and several tools used for website optimization are parameters that need to be taken into account when having a website and analyzing it. 

Images, logo, fond, colors, order and trends in web design are a must. Reach an agency that also has professionals in the visual area so that they complement the structure planned in the core. 
Reach your goals! If you want to expand the average website lifespan, always have fresh and relevant content and work with a team with full expertise, contact BMT Agency.



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