What is Web Usability and why is it important for your business?

What is Web Usability and why is it important for your business?

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Web Usability is becoming one of the most important factors to achieve better SEO positioning and a considerable increase in sales through the website.

Learn with BMT Agency what is Web Usability and why it is important for your business to implement it on a website.

What is Web Usability?

Web Usability refers to the ease of use of a page or web application. In this way, users interact with the website and achieve their goals in a simple, intuitive, pleasant and safe way.

It is one of the fundamental features for users to visit a website and return to it again, thus improving the company’s digital marketing strategy.

Web Usability measures three main factors:

  • Efficiency: the user satisfies the need of his search.
  • Efficiency: the user quickly achieves his goal.
  • Satisfaction: the user had a pleasant experience when browsing the website.

Why is Web Usability important?

The lack of Web Usability on a page is the biggest cause of abandonment. That is, if the information on your website is difficult to find, if it is not easy for the user to achieve the objectives, if there is no scannability, or if it is very slow, users will probably abandon it before reading the entire first paragraph.

If you lose a user, you are losing a potential client, so you should take great care of the experience people will have when visiting your site, as it can have a great impact on the performance of the leads or sales that you can generate digitally.

Web usability grants many benefits, both to the users and to the owners of the site. Among the highlights are:

  • Get more traffic.
  • Increase the duration of visits to the site.
  • Reduce time and costs for the user and the company that owns the website.
  • Make transparent, streamline and achieve precise information management.
  • Improve user experience and satisfaction.
  • Achieve greater communication and feedback with users.
  • Decrease bounce rate.
  • Loyalty to users, retain them and get them to come back.
  • Motivate the recommendation of the website.
  • Increase sales through the website.

Recommendations for a better Web Usability

  1. Prioritize availability – Make sure your page is always available and that its hyperlinks and other features serve their purpose correctly.
  1. Do not forget the speed – The loading speed of your web page must be fast and without hiccups.
  1. Ensure security – It is essential that users know they are safe when browsing your website.
  1. Produce a responsive website – The page must adapt to any device, be it a PC, tablet or smartphone.
  1. Provide simplicity and compactness – The website must be simple, clean and clear to use, so unnecessary information must be eliminated or reduced to the maximum, and what remains on the site must be well organized and coherently hierarchical, with a clear and legible typeface. You should not abuse pop-ups or any animations or elements that cause distraction. Try to include a search bar, in addition to keeping the company’s contact information visible at all times. Make it easier for the user to identify the elements that contain links so that they do not feel lost at any time.
  1. Have quality content – Create useful content for your visitors. Also, structure and organize them according to a defined hierarchy for all texts. Remember to add clear titles and that the content fulfills the promise that said title offers.
  1. Open a section “About us” – In this way you concentrate relevant information about the company, such as its history, mission and vision, values. With this you add credibility to your website.
  1. Key information on the home page – The home page should help the visitor quickly and easily find what they are looking for on your site. In addition, adding information about your company such as the logo, name and product, makes it easier for the user to know who you are and if it will meet their needs when browsing your site.

Improve web usability and achieve higher conversions with BMT Agency

At BMT Agency we are delighted to help you develop and execute a marketing strategy involving Web Usability, that will help you achieve the goals you have set for your business in an environment that is as changing as it is necessary for today’s companies. Contact us and a group of experts will become your best ally in the digital world.

Byron Angeles
Digital Marketing Specialist | SEO Certified by Hubspot Academy


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