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Tropical pops


Real fruit, Real pops




Branding & Packaging


Back when it all started, it was not that common to find products that used 100% primary-natural elements in the final product. Plus, that their ingredients came from a very different climate, region and culture. And that was the essence we needed to communicate: pops made with natural fruits that tasted just like the freshness, sweetness, juiciness and flavor of the tropic.


We were inspired by a mexican nature-based pop and ice-cream brand with a very well known tradition in the country. We went to the core about what people liked about the whole idea: family, togetherness and happy moments, mixed with delicious flavours to enhance the feeling.


To bring this concept to life we used images that represented both the freshness of tropical fruits and the textures and colors related to latin culture. We would combine them with playful elements that recalled happiness and fun. 


For branding, we mixed a diversity of colors, textures and forms to represent freshness, fun and diversity; that would bring the brand apart from the competition. We added a palm-tree with moving waves to the logo to represent tropical climate and places.

Finally, we boosted the image with enticing descriptions that played with all those delicious flavor combinations. Just a bite away from paradise!