What are chatbots?… and why does your business need them

What are chatbots?… and why does your business need them

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Chatbots have become a recurring theme in digital marketing, but do you know what they are and why are chatbots important in your business’ marketing strategy? In this blog post, BMT Agency tells you what you need to know about this tool.

Chatbots: what are they?

A Chatbot is a computer program with which it is possible to have a conversation, whether we want to ask for some type of information or to carry out an action. It is a technology that allows the user to have a conversation through software that is integrated into a certain messaging system, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Whatsapp, etc.

One of the great advantages of Chatbots is that, unlike applications, they are not downloaded, they do not need to be updated and they do not take up space in the phone’s memory.

A Chatbot is programmed to interact with the user and answer questions or provide information, but without a physical person answering. It has the advantage that it is available at any time.

Chatbots incorporate artificial intelligence systems; they have the possibility to learn about tastes and preferences over time. Therefore, we are talking about a tool that automatically interacts with users and potential customers in order to guide them towards the desired conversion or action.

How does a Chatbot work?

The language that humans use is not easy for a machine to learn and interpret. The subtle and nuanced way in which we communicate is a very complex task to recreate artificially, so chatbots use various principles of natural language, such as dividing what a user types into sentences and words, in addition to considering other factors, like emotions.

It is through different algorithms and rules that the Chatbot can manage to process, understand and generate a natural language. This is what gives users a memorable, personalized experience that goes beyond providing pre-made answers.

Depending on their design and programming, we can find two well-differentiated types of Chatbots:

  • Simple Chatbots – This artificial intelligence software works based on a series of commands and keywords (previously prepared). If the user asks a question without using that keyword, the robot will not be able to understand it and will respond by inviting another question.
  • Smart Chatbots – They are a category of higher level and complexity. Designed in line with the concepts and philosophy of artificial intelligence, it does not work based on questions or keywords. Live chat responds with suggestions or ideas on the written text, it is a step forward that offers a wide variety of dialogue streams and provides a more natural and human experience.

Why does my business need a chatbot?

A Chatbot is functional within a website, app or instant messaging service to provide an immediate and timely response to users. Businesses need chatbots to achieve more goals and activities such as:

  • Improves customer service – Eliminate tedious waiting in online conversations by offering automatic responses.
  • Facilitate the purchase or conversion processes – Just by typing a few words, the Chatbot can be able to send this information to the appropriate person and perform the appropriate action. Another very interesting task is the reminder of preferences for each user, shortening the path to a future conversion.
  • Bring personalized communication – The improvement of the user experience is encouraged with the use of personalized communication for each of them. The interaction is personal and specifies what increases the chances of ending with a conversion.

Improve the experience of your clients and achieve higher conversions with BMT Agency

At BMT Agency we are delighted to help you develop and execute a marketing strategy involving Chatbots, that will help you achieve the goals you have set for your business in an environment that is as changing as it is necessary for today’s companies. Contact us and a group of experts will become your best ally in the digital world.

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