What is Branding?

What is Branding?

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Branding is the process of defining and building a brand through the planned management of all the graphic, communication and positioning processes that are carried out, in order to build and transmit a promise that will be key.

Visual Elements of a Brand

Branding involves the graphic representations of a company, and these are projected to the public through a symbol or a special typographic design.

  • The logo is commonly the name of the company and must fit with the spirit of the company. The brand must convey what the company is and without a good brand, the Branding that is carried out will not work. Both factors must fit to achieve the proposed objective.
  • Typography is a visual identification element that will distinguish the company from the market, through the use of letter styles that fit the message that is sought to be transmitted.
  • The colors allow to distinguish the product. The product category we produce must be taken into account. A good choice of colors allows us to attract the attention of the consumer, give personality, differentiation and position our product.

What are Branding Elements?

The Branding elements include the corporate image, corporate colors, corporate identity and style standards used in the company’s general communication. All these actions influence and determine the Brand Value, achieving its distinctive, relevant and sustainable character over time. The objective of developing a successful Branding will be to extend the brand in the market, position it as a reference and place it directly or indirectly in the minds of consumers.

We can establish that Branding is made up of five main elements:

  • Naming
  • Corporate Identity
  • Positioning
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Brand Architecture

Why is Branding important for my business?

The brand is what distinguishes us from the competition. It is more than just a name, it is an identifying symbol and the spirit of the company. Through the brand, users perceive a valid image in terms of quality and reliability.

Currently, competition between companies is increasing, so it is necessary for the company to know how to differentiate itself in the market. Thus, the key to business is in Branding.

This difference is reflected in the intangible part of the company, which is the value, credibility and uniqueness of the brand. This tells a story, an experience on the part of the client, which ends up transmitting an emotion.

Branding has established itself as a necessary element for any company, since it is a way to consolidate the brand, achieve prestige and recognition, especially on digital communication platforms.

What types of Branding exist?

  • Personal Branding: It consists of working on each individual’s own personal brand; has become very popular
  • Corporate Branding: This is the type of Branding that we have addressed and corresponds to the one focused on brands, that is, on companies.
  • Employer Branding: It is the image that a company has towards its clients, its own employees and, above all, the one perceived by its potential candidates.

The main objective of Branding for companies 

The main objective of Branding is to extend the company’s brand in the market, position it and place it in the minds of consumers.

To do this, you must start by designing a Marketing plan, where the actions that will be carried out to make the brand known are specified, taking into account the design and the channels to make it known.

The concepts that must be developed so that the user visualizes our products or services and thinks about it, are:

  • Highlight the values of a brand at all times.
  • Build credibility and trust.
  • Strengthen the identity of your products or services.
  • Establish and highlight differentiators.

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