Why site optimization should be in the Top of Your List

Why site optimization should be in the Top of Your List

Website optimization is often taken for granted. However, when we think about user experience, this matter should never be missed. Your visitors need to know how to explore your website, where to look for what they need and, most importantly, they want to get fast answers. So, is website optimization a priority? Definitely it is. 

Ban slow load or hard to read texts on your website. Not only users will be disappointed not to get what they are looking for when they need it, but Google will “punish” you for making them waste their time. User experience, website usability, user interface and other parameters are definitory in your website’s overall rank regarding bounce rate and more specifically search engine optimization. 


Think about your own experience. Do you like waiting for a website to load? Or is it more likely to happen that when you open a link and it takes a long time to load you simply close it before anything else happens. 

So yes, your website has to be fast, really fast. Think about a top 3 second loading time. Less than one second is great, two seconds might cost you a lot of drops. More than three seconds might put your website out of the competition. 

Don’t forget to perform User Acceptance Testing to make sure your website can handle diverse tasks in real-world scenarios, according to functionality and client specifications.

Rethink how you want to be perceived, how will your possible clients find you and how you would like your users to feel whenever they are actually using your website. Performance is key. Let us help you dig deep in every aspect of your website’s optimization, from the core. UX, UI, SEO, usability: you name it.  It’s time for your business to get to the next level. 

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